Unearthing climate history frozen in time

November 05, 2023

"The summit of Mount Waddington rises out of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains range like a monstrous fang. Standing on the flat saddle of Combatant Col, one kilometre below the mountain’s peak, the thick ice below crackles and rumbles, imperceptibly flowing. This is a birthplace of glaciers.

The mountain has called to elite alpinists since the 1920s. At 4,019 metres, Mount Waddington is the highest peak that is fully within B.C.’s borders. It lies just 300 kilometres northwest of Vancouver, yet it is hidden amongst a series of spectacular ice-clad pinnacles, and defended by broad icefields."

6 researchers in snow gear gather around the camp at Mt Waddington

From Prof. Peter Neff's Instagram: "Beginning to process what we accomplished & experienced drilling a 219 m-long ice core at Mt. Waddington, BC 🇨🇦 last month... A great memory here: in a spare moment, a lesson in generator ops from @us_icedrilling driller Jim. Valuable knowledge exchange!"