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Soil, Water, and Climate (SOIL)

SOIL 2125: Basic Soil Science
SOIL 2601: The Social Life of Soil
SOIL 3416: Plant Nutrients in the Environment
SOIL 3521: Soil Judging
SOIL 4093: Directed Study
SOIL 4094: Directed Research 
SOIL 4111: Introduction to Precision Agriculture 
SOIL 4505: Soil Geography
SOIL 4511: Field Study of Soils
SOIL 5125: Soil Science for Teachers
SOIL 5232: Vadose Zone Hydrology
SOIL 5515: Soil Genesis and Landscape Relations
SOIL 5555: Wetlands Soils
SOIL 5611: Soil Biology & Fertility
SOIL 8110: Colloquium in Soil Science
SOIL 8123: Research Ethics in the Plant and Environmental Sciences        
SOIL 8252: Advanced Soil Physics
SOIL 8510: Advanced Pedology

Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management (ESPM)

ESPM 1002: ESPM Orientation Seminar for Transfer Students 
ESPM 1011: Issues in the Environment 
ESPM 1425: Weather and Climate 
ESPM 1901: Topics: Freshman Seminar 
ESPM 1905: Freshman Seminar 
ESPM 3131: Environmental Physics 
ESPM 3221: Soil Conservation and Land-Use 
ESPM 3425: Atmospheric Composition 
ESPM 3612: Soil and Environmental Biology 
ESPM 4021W: Problem Solving: Environmental Review 
ESPM 4093: Directed Study 
ESPM 4094: Directed Research 
ESPM 4096: Professional Experience Internship 
ESPM 4216: Contaminant Hydrology 
ESPM 4601: Soils and Pollution 
ESPM 5402: Biometeorology
ESPM 5555: Wetland Soils 
ESPM 5601: Principles of Waste Management

Land and Atmospheric Science (LAAS)

LAAS 5050: Integrated Topics in Land & Atmospheric Science 
LAAS 5051: Thesis Proposal Writing for Land & Atmospheric Science 
LAAS 5311: Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy 
LAAS 5416: Precision Agriculture and Nutrient Management
LAAS 5425: Atmospheric Processes I 
LAAS 5426: Atmospheric Processes II: Radiation, Composition, and Climate 
LAAS 5480: Special Topics in Land and Atmospheric Science
LAAS 5515: Soil Formation: Earth Surface Processes and Biogeochemistry 
LAAS 8128: Land and Atmospheric Science Seminar 
LAAS 8195: Research Problems 
LAAS 8195: Research Problems in Soils 
LAAS 8550: Teaching Experience 
LAAS 8666: Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits 
LAAS 8777: Thesis Credits: MS 
LAAS 8888: Thesis Credits: PhD