2016 Kuehnast Lecture

October 12, 2016 | 2 to 4 PM

St. Paul Student Center Theater

The 24th Kuehnast Lecture in the Fields of Meteorology and Climatology


How free enterprise can solve climate change

Bob Inglis, Former US Congressman (R-SC)

Former Congressman Bob Inglis (R-SC) traveled to Antarctica and Greenland during his second, three-year term in Congress (2005-10) and became convinced climate change was a problem and needed action. In July 2012, he founded and launched republicEn.org, which is centered on conservative principles and a free-enterprise solution to climate change. Inglis will talk about how a true, level playing field and free enterprise can deliver the innovation to solve some of our climate change issues.

A Case for Climate Conservatism

Paul Douglas, President of Aeris Weather

Slowing the rate of observed warming requires political consensus, still largely lacking in the United States. Piling on evidence, data and scientific research is counterproductive with many conservatives and evangelicals, who are searching for relevance in their own spiritual lives (as well as keeping government small and friendly toward the free market). Re-framing this conversation as a uniquely homegrown, American clean energy revolution may get traction with a conservative voter base focused on energy freedom and long-term energy security. A need for more energy, at less cost, with fewer unpleasant side effects may resonate with a demographic perpetually suspicious of government and regulatory over-reach. Focusing on innovation, reinvention and clean energy alternatives will stimulate productive dialogue, while making America's elusive energy independence a 21st century reality. In this case the (clean energy) tail may ultimately wag the (climate change) dog.