Seminar: John Bilotta & Dr. Carrie Jennings

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 | 3:30 PM

Banking Groundwater – Assessing Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Minnesota

For parts of Minnesota, groundwater recharge may be a necessary tool for meeting the water needs of growing communities with their competing uses while still maintaining groundwater-dependent ecosystems. Evaluating the economics, policy, engineering, climate and hydrogeologic considerations of Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) now will allow us to consider enhanced aquifer recharge when, where and if it is needed. An interdisciplinary team led by the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center convened experts across science, engineering, economics and policy disciplines to evaluate the need for and barriers to implementing managed aquifer recharge. The 18-month project culminates soon and will include a report to the Minnesota State Legislature during the 2021 session. This seminar will present the methods and draft findings and highlight the involvement of this cross-disciplinary team.

John Bilotta

A photo of the speaker John Bilotta in front of fall foliage

John Bilotta is a Research Project Specialist with the University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center where he leads the Minnesota Stormwater Research and Technology Transfer Program including leading the Minnesota Stormwater Research Council. His efforts focus on leading and coordinating a comprehensive research portfolio of projects that seek answers to questions around urban stormwater management practices and policies. John is also affiliated with the Minnesota Sea Grant Program co-leading the Watershed Game Program; an interactive, educational tool that helps individuals understand the connection between land use and water quality. He also co-leads the Sea Grant Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Community of Practice. Prior to joining the Center, John worked for more than 21 years as an Extension Educator in Water Resource Management and Policy through a joint Extension Educator appointment with Minnesota Extension and Sea Grant. John also worked more than six years in other public and private capacities in soil and water resource management. John has a BA in Environmental Studies and Natural Resources with an emphasis in Soil Resources and M.S. in Soil Science with a focus on Fertility and Nutrient Management.

Dr. Carrie Jennings

A photo of the speaker Dr. Carrie Jennings

Dr. Carrie Jennings is the research and policy director at the Freshwater Society. She has been a field geologist for 24 years, 22 of those with the Minnesota Geological Survey and two with the DNR, Division of Lands and Minerals. For the last two years she was the science reports lead for the County Geologic Atlas program at the DNR. She applies her understanding of glacial geology and landscape evolution to shape policy and technical approaches for managing surface water and groundwater, avoiding hazards, and using resources wisely. Carrie and her husband live on a 120-acre farm which is primarily in a permanent conservation easement through the Dakota County Farmland and Natural Areas Program. Livestock is limited to a dozen chickens, a dog and a couple of cats. She has twice been elected town board supervisor and served on the planning commission for Eureka Township.