Seminar: Dr. Grant Cardon (Virtual)

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 | 3:30 PM

Improving Tart Cherry Productivity and Profitability Through Variable-Rate Precision Management: A New Multi-State, Multi-Discipline Project

Dr. Grant Cardon, Utah State University

A new USDA-sponsored research project on precision tart cherry management is being initiated in 2022.  The research is a multi-state, multi-discipline effort to look at the potential for, and effect of variable-rate, precision management on orchard productivity and profitability.  Several remote sensing platforms are being used to map tree and soil physical and chemical conditions to identify differential management zones where irrigation, fertility, pest management and tree maintenance (pruning, tree replacement, etc.) may be optimized.  The presentation will introduce the research team and outline the study objectives, methods and preliminary efforts to establish the geo-spatial base layers to be used to determine management zones.