Seminar: Dr. Georg Wohlfahrt (Virtual)

Wednesday, October 5 | 3:30 PM | Virtual

S415 Soil Science Building & Zoom (Speaker will be virtual)

Gross primary productivity: Quantifying the unmeasurable using flux measurements of carbonyl sulfide

At the ecosystem-scale, gross primary productivity (GPP) cannot be measured directly, but instead proxy measurements have to be used together with some sort of modeling approach. In this seminar I will present the eco-physiological rationale for using flux measurements of carbonyl sulfide (COS or OCS), the most abundant sulfur-containing atmospheric gas, as a proxy for GPP, demonstrate its application using case studies in several different biomes, as well as discuss shortcomings of the approach and future research directions.


Event Speaker
A photo of Dr. Georg Wohlfahrt

Dr. Georg Wohlfahrt, University of Innsbruck