Seminar: Dr. Kyungsoo Yoo (Hybrid)

Wednesday, November 16 | 3:30 PM | Hybrid

S415 Soil Science Building & Zoom 

My personal spooky soil stories from Treasure Island, South Korea

Kyungsoo Yoo

Warning: *There is no scientific data or analysis in this seminar.* I'm going to tell you a story that begins with a conversation in Gabriel Marquez's masterwork. "A person does not belong to a place until there is someone dead under the ground.” This story grew out of my research trips to a small island village in South Korea. The islanders taught me that soils are for both living and dead people, a teaching that provided me with unexpected but profound solace as I sought to make sense of my life as a scholar and a person who had been living away from his parents, relatives, and childhood friends for two decades.