UMN Soil Judging Team wins Region V contest

October 01, 2021

Congratulations to the UMN Soil Judging Team, who spent the past week in Crookston, Minnesota competing in the Region V Soil Judging Contest! The team placed first in the group judging event, and two students—Cole Montgomery and Ben Newcomb—received individual judging awards. Taken together, this led to an outcome of first place overall in the competition!

A screenshot of an instagram post by @UMNSoilJudging
The Soil Judging team announced their success on instagram.

The competition was hosted by the University of Minnesota and organized by Prof. Nic Jelinski. The team was coached by LAAS graduate students Hava Blair and Megan Andersen. The competition was supported by American Crystal Sugar Company, an industry leader in Crookston. 

Their win at Regionals qualifies the team to compete in the National Collegiate Soils Contest in 2022. Good luck Gophers!