Prof. Dylan Millet receives Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award from the AGU

September 06, 2022
A photo of Dylan Millet

Today, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) announced that Prof. Dylan Millet was selected to receive the 2022 Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award for fundamental advances in understanding the sources, chemistry, and impacts of atmospheric organic compounds. According to the AGU, this award “recognizes excellence in research and leadership in the atmospheric and climate sciences from honorees between 8 and 20 years of receiving their PhD.”

Letters of support of the award highlighted Millet’s contributions in not one but three areas of atmospheric chemistry: in-situ measurements, chemistry-transport modeling, and analysis of satellite remote sensing data. Millet developed these skill sets during his PhD and postdoc at University of California Berkeley and postdoc at Harvard University. 

One component of Millet’s varied body of work is the modeling and measurement of isoprene, an important volatile organic compound emitted into the atmosphere. In 2020, Millet’s group published the first global measurements of isoprene in Nature. “These satellite measurements provide new understanding of how Earth’s biosphere and atmosphere interact,” said Millet in a UMN Research Brief. Last year, Millet was named a Distinguished McKnight University Professor for his work understanding human and natural influences on atmospheric chemistry, and their implications for climate, air quality, and health. 

Along with the award, Millet will receive a $1,000 monetary prize and recognition at the Atmospheric Sciences section dinner during the AGU Fall Meeting in December, this year in Chicago.